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by Eric on December 29, 2014 · 12 comments

We all need goals, right?

And it’s that time of year to set some new goals, aka resolutions. I’ve heard from a variety of people that resolutions are no good. They don’t last. You should live with attainable goals throughout the year and change/adjust when needed.

Well, I thought this through and am initiating a new goal for myself (and maybe you too). One that contains two of my favorite things. Running and beer.

Instead of trying to reach a mileage goal for the year, which I usually do not reach, I thought outside of the box.

What would keep me running? What would I want to get out of each run? Why should I run?

And I came up with an answer. For me.


Originally, I thought I would reward myself with a beer for each run of 2015. This sounded good, at first. Is a 1 miler equivalent to a 5 miler? I think not.

Next thought. How about one beer for every mile? That sounded a tad more realistic. More stats to take down and record, but I’m all about that. I love Google docs.

After looking at my mileage this year, I didn’t think that would be enough to make it through the year. After all, goals should be attainable, right? I want more beers than that.

Mrs. MEAN GUY wasn’t too happy with my switch, but my goal for 2015 is to keep a 2:1 (two to one) ratio of beers to miles throughout the entire year. I need to have more mileage than double my beers. If not, I need to run the next day to catch up.

Miles do carry over, as do the beers.

New Years Day, 1/1/15, I am running The One One Run starting and finishing at The Irish Mile in Haddon Twp,which has three options of distances: 1 mile, 5k or 5 miles. I’m opting for the 5k or the 5 miler, which will start me with at least 6 beers on 1/1.

If you’re interested in joining my year long challenge, click this link to keep track of both your mileage and beers.

If you have your you own challenge, please share below.



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